My little sister Breck was born back in December of 2001.  She was born without a pulmonary artery, multiple holes in her heart, and only one developed lung.  She underwent 3 open heart surgeries with many complications causing her to be in the cardiac intensive care unit for a total of 9 months.  Breck was sedated much of the time she was in the hospital, but my parents seldom left her side.  My mother would stay with Breck during the week and my father would stay with her over the weekends.

        My mother had always loved to bake, so when she would go home on the weekends, she would often bake cookies to take back to the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff that she was so thankful for and grew to know so well.  She started with her stand-by chocolate chip cookies, but when weeks turned to months she didn’t want to take the same cookies all the time, so she began to get creative.  She came up with many new recipes, like her Hawaiian cookie with pineapple and macadamia nuts, her chocolate covered cherry cookie with dried cherries and chocolate chips, and her Key Lime and Pecan Pie cookies, along with many others.

        The hospital staff loved the cookies and encouraged my mom to try selling them.  With Breck’s long hospital stays we had plenty of medical bills that needed to be paid, so my mom decided to give it a shot.  Her cookies were already well known among close family and friends, so when the word got out that she was selling them, the orders began to pour in.  At first, she just baked them at home, but her business quickly grew beyond the capacity of our household kitchen oven and counter space.

        Just in the nick of time, she was blessed with the opportunity to open a storefront on Main Street in our hometown of Kissimmee, Florida.  Her business continued to grow and thrive for the next few years, even securing a contract to provide cookies for the 4 Disney theme parks nearby. Eventually though, as her 6 kids grew she felt the need to be home more, so got out of the cookie business and went home.

        I also love to bake, like my mom, and I have fond childhood memories of working with my mom in the cookie store, so I’ve decided to start my own cookie business.  I’m starting small, like my mom did, but hope to one day have my own store front (or 2 or 100).  Please give Nookies Cookies a try.  I promise you will absolutely love them! 

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        I was born deaf, but thankfully was able to be fitted with hearing aids and eventually cochlear implants that have allowed me to learn to listen, speak, and function pretty well in the hearing world.   It took a ton of work, on the part of my parents, but in a way it was just preparing them for the challenges my little sister would have.